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               We want to congratulate Chloe on losing 25lbs!!

With strict diet and exercise she was able to do this! She looks great!!



           Chloe before                                                           Chloe after 



  Finally- A Chewable Tablet for  Flea and Tick Control     




We are very excited to tell you about a dramatic improvement in flea and tick control for dogs. The FDA has recently given approval for two new products that are given orally for the control of fleas AND ticks in dogs. These new products are NEXGARD and BRAVECTO. These are the first products ever available in pill form to control both of these parasites. Nexgard is given once every 4 weeks, while Bravecto only needs to be given once every 8-12 weeks. Both of these products kill fleas and ticks quickly and consistently over their approved time span. These medications have several advantages over the current topical products we now use.

* Easier to administer than topical products

* No oily spots on the dogs back

* You do not have to worry about any skin contact with the product

* No concern about the product washing off with water

* Better flea and tick control at the end of their approved time limit

*8-12 week protection with Bravecto decreases the chance of being late with the next dose

These are prescription products that should only be dispensed by your veterinarian to ensure safe and proper use. Both are safe and effective, but there are a few minor differences between them. We are always available to speak with our clients about a complete flea and tick control program that is best for your pet. Please call us at 410-744-4800 to learn more about these great new advances.             

Click on the "WOW" to see our discounts on Heartworm medication and Flea and Tick preventive!!


*Read about the flea life cycle under the "What's new at the 'View?" tab.  Contact us for your free customized flea and tick consultation!!

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